An Updated Note About COVID-19

Updated: April 3, 2020

To Our Natural Gems,

As we face these times of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, A Natural Gem shares in your concerns and is committed to keeping our families and communities safe.  As a small business we appreciate your loyalty and urge you to continue to support your small business as we all try to weather this crisis together.

As a website we are always open for virtual window shopping.  We however will not be fulfilling any orders at this time due to recent stay at home orders across the country.  Many of our suppliers are temporarily closed.  When we get to a point where it is safe for these businesses and our own to reopen, we will make and ship all orders as quickly as possible.  Please be prepared for longer wait times as this is an ever changing situation. 

As our county and state is under a stay at home order until April 29th, we will be suspending all design, appraisal, gemstone identification, and repair services.  Our sector is deemed non-essential and under strict orders to remain at home during this time.  Please email with any questions.

Lastly, CLEAN YOUR JEWELRY!  I can't emphasize this enough.  Be aware everything your hands touch your ring touches too.  If you cough in your hand germs can get under your stones.  We use ultrasonic cleaning and understand this is not available to everyone.  At home your best resource is an antibacterial soap and a soft toothbrush with warm water.  Place soap and water in a small bowl, do not clean your jewelry over the sink.  This will contain any loose stones that may come out during cleaning.  If you have any questions on cleaning your jewelry at home, or if a certain stone is safe to clean don't hesitate to ask!

Please be safe and conscious of those around you.  If you're not feeling well please stay home.  Practice social distancing and listen to the recommendations of the WHO, CDC, and national and local governments.  

Stay safe and be well,

Heather Hoehn, GIA GG, Member NAJA